Moved to a (much much much) faster host     misterj   @   1-5-10 10:46 PM
Since my ISP doesn't allow me to run an HTTP server, this was down for a while. However, Sara owns and let me put the JRO backup on Wingdreams. I wonder what it'd be like if we'd met earlier than last year, because right now *two* missing RO servers have their old backups here. Either way, thxxes Sara, u d a m a n.
  Char/Acc Info Update     misterj   @   11-7-09 7:43 AM
I've added Character/Account Information viewable for every character. (Hopefully) Every character name links to a page containing their information, which also links to a page with their account information. The All Characters page contains links to both by account/character name if you may have forgotten them.

If I ever made it so you could login to the ladder, this would be viewable for your accounts, and any you set yourself to be linked through. (Which would make searching for gear MUCH easier...) If there's anything else you'd like me to add, please IM me at either multicoloredwiz(AIM) or

Thanks again, to those I miss.
  JRO's Last Look     misterj   @   11-5-09 10:13 AM
I've taken the last set of data from JRO and set it up on my own computer. Feel free to look at whatever you want. Maybe in a few more days I'll make it so data you can only see in game you can see on the site. We'll see.

A few of our players might still be around on Deltaanime IRC or maybe even still in the world of RO, on another server. Some might have moved on with their lives and may be unseen online.

I truly regret never getting to say goodbye to those people who I spent many days with and now miss. I'm afraid to make a list, because I know I'll forget to mention people.

Thanks to all of you for the memories we shared.

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