Donation Information
  • Will donations mess up the economy?
    • Note that all of our donation rewards are all account bound.
    • In addition, all of the items are closely considered in relation to player talent doing calculations based on a few factors such as US Federal minimum wage, average material hunting rates, average success rates ... etc.
    • In essence, there's more in-depth analysis to the items than you'd really think.
  • Why Donate?
    • The short answer is to keep the server running.
    • The long answer is to keep the server running. Every donation goes towards payment for services involved with running the site, game, database, ISP ... etc.
    • None of it is pocketed by our team.
  • So how do I donate?
    • Just click the flying angeling button above you!
  • I've donated, now what?
    • Contact a GM on the Forums, IRC, or in game to be able to claim your reward. Be sure to have your transaction and account you wish to be rewarded known before talking to them. Also, please remember that all donations are non-refundable.
    • If you do not wish to claim a reward, you are free to leave items unclaimed.
    • One more thing ... a warm thanks from every GM for your donation.
Donation Items
Angeling Hat$455/mo3 DEF, -10% damage from DemiHumans
Victory Wings$455/mo10 DEF, 10 MDEF, Unbreakable.
Adrenaline Rush Scroll$.5050/moAdrenaline Rush Lv5
Aspersio Scroll$.5050/moAspersio Lv5
Assumptio Scroll$.5050/moAssumptio Lv5
Agility Up Scroll$.25100/moAgility Up Lv10
Blessing Scroll$.25100/moBlessing Lv10
Wind Walk Scroll$.25100/moWind Walk Lv10
Abracadabra Scroll$.101000/moAbracadabra Lv1
Talkie Box Scroll$.101000/moTalkie Box Lv1
Graffiti Scroll$.101000/moGraffiti Lv1
Growth Potion$.101000/moIncreases player's size temporarily
Shrinking Potion$.101000/moShrinks player temporarily
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