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  • General Rules
    1. Don't be a jerk. While general "rude" behavior is acceptable, pushing the limit can and will result in a form of punishment. Use discretion when being 'funny', especially with people you are not familiar with.
    2. Don't harass other players or members of the GM team. This covers a wide range of actions, including sexual harassment,spreading rumors, repeated griefing, etc. This will result in the player being jailed or banned pending a case-by-case basis.
    3. In-game items and accounts cannot be sold for any form of real life compensation, including money/assets/etc. This will result in removal of the items and banning of the involved players, evaluated case by case.
    4. Trading cheats and other price jacking actions will result in the player being jailed, or post suspended. This includes false bidding on the forums. If a player is suspicious of a possible attempt at fraud, please PM a GM in game(@whogm) or on the forums. If a player is found using methods of covering up a potential trade scam, the GM staff reserves the right to punish the player more extensively. Proxies can only protect a player so far, and our staff is educated enough to recognize people abusing them.
      • SPECIAL CASE: Use of multi-clienting for Battlegrounds Token farming will be interpreted as a trading cheat, and you will have your tokens removed. Continued usage will result in jailing or account banning.
    5. Inappropriately named characters, guilds or parties will be renamed or removed at the discretion of the GM team. If a player continues to make new characters or guilds with inappropriate names, the GM team will take action on a case-by-case basis. The GM team reserves the right to change any character name or remove any character for any reason. This includes, but isn't limited to name scams as well.
    6. Spamming the chat window will result in a player being jailed or muted. Evading the punishment and continuing the action by switching to a different character will result in a more severe punishment, such as extended jailtime or possibly a ban.
    7. Unfriendly language directed at other players is the same as spamming the chat window and harassing other players. It will be handled in the same manner.
    8. Mobbing is fine, but griefing other players through mobtraining and other means is not permitted. Griefing is intentionally doing something to hinder the enjoyment of the game from another player using in game means. The GM team will decide the appropriate punishment on a case-by-case basis.
    9. Exploits through client modifications, packeting, botting, etc. will result in an instant IP ban from the site, game, and forums. We have a 0 tolerance policy for this. As a note, any players found being related to a botter via login IPs and shared accounts can/may/will be banned alongside with the botter, as we cannot differentiate a legitimate player from a botter at all times. Please be careful who you share your account with.
    10. Abusing bugs without reporting it will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The best approach is to report it.
    11. Looting other players' items could result in a player being jailed, depending on a case-by-case basis. Please use @autoloot. Pending on the situation, a player can/will be dually punished for Griefing AND Looting if they were to abuse Icewall/other means.
    12. AFKhemists WILL be jailed. Multiple occurrences will result in a wipe of the account.
    13. Advertising other servers in order to pull away our player base will result in punishment, and potentially a ban.
    14. Vigilantes will not be rewarded. It is the job of the GM team to enforce the rules, not the player base. If you have a problem or suspect someone is guilty of breaking the rules, please report it to the GMs and do not attempt to take matters into your own hands.
    15. Any hacking of players or GMs will result in your accounts being suspended from your use, your IP being permanently banned, and your accounts being given to the player(s) you have hacked. If there are multiple players you have hacked, your items will be auctioned off in game to a closed circuit of the players involved. If they report any missing items and we/they can find proof of it, their items will be restored.
    16. You are responsible for what happens to your account. If suddenly all of your items disappear, report to a GM what happened, what you think is missing, and anyone you think who could be responsible. If foul play is suspected, you are eligible to have your items returned to you. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
    17. MVP Maps, referring to any map in which an MVP spawns as per a timer or event, will have "MVP FFA" and "FFA Map" rules as long as the player griefing is planning/capable enough to kill said MVP, and is griefing a party that is without question there on the map to MVP. In the presence of an MVP on-screen, the entire situation/incident/encounter becomes FFA. IN THIS CASE, ANYTHING GOES. If a report consists of a screenshot with an MVP on-screen, or believed to be just off-screen by the staffmember reviewing it, that screenshot/report may/will be thrown out. All cases will be investigated thoroughly, and any intentional foul play against non-MVPers will be punished.
      • SPECIAL CASE: The following rules/rule applications only apply to the following maps: Odin3, Biolabs3, Thor3, Abyss3, Ice Dungeon3, Nameless3, Satan Morroc’s Maps. For the mentioned maps, there will be a small exception to the above rules. MVPs shall NOT be subject to foul play/griefing/intentional teleing in the case that another party has claimed ‘ownership’ of the MVP. Ownership means that another group has had direct contact with the MVP, and moved into a desirable position and is prepared/preparing to engage the MVP. During this time, a third party group/player may only proceed to damage the MVP with the intent of out-damaging the engaging party. Any form of buffing/griefing at this point is strictly forbidden.
      • SPECIAL CASE: In regards to MVP drops, all drops, either by party share or not, are at the discretion of the player that picks up/loots the item. The same applies in regards to MVP rares/cards in which involve an @showrares broadcast. The GM Staff will *not* get involved with this issue.
    18. No player should attempt to impersonate a member of the GM team or another player in order to defraud or otherwise take advantage of any other player. This is a serious offense, likely to result in account removal.
    19. Scamming in any way, shape, or form can/will be dealt with as the GM team see fit. Due to the broad spectrum of how severe scamming is, we reserve the right to prosecute any player we find guilty of any form of scam, regardless of the issue. This includes in game and on the forums. Potential abuse through any loopholes of the rules will be evaluated as foul play and likely result in account removal and possible banning. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
    20. Placeholder Shops, or shops with common items being vended for a high/unrealistic price, as an attempt to keep a vending space will be kicked. Repeated offenses will lead to a jailtime for the character.
    21. Macros in most cases are against the rules. This includes, but is not limited to, Cultivation, feeding of homunculus, and macro'd teleing and other miscellaneous activities. The *ONLY* case in which macros are allowed is in regards to potion/edp brewing. Cultivation is no exception to this rule, and you will be punished if found to be macroing. The punishment for using macros outside of brewing potions will be a 1-week jailtime for the first offense, and character deletion/ban on second offense. Using macros with an alchemist/biochemist as a way to 'bypass' the 20 second autoloot disable feature will be considered as botting, and you will be banned.
      • Punishment For AFK Feeding: First Offense: Homunculus Deletion and 1 Week Jailtime. Second Offense: Character Deletion. Third Offense: IP Ban/Relateds Ban. Cheating via afk feeding will *not* be tolerated.

  • A few definitions:
    • GM - Any person working as staff of JusticeRO's server, site management, or forums moderation.
    • Player - Any person below GM level 40 in game seeking to play or level just as others do. This include the GM's regular accounts. If an issue arises with a GM's regular account involved, the same rules process will be followed.
    • Griefing - Griefing is anything to hinder the play of other players. This includes dropping mobs on players, using skills such as ice wall to block off walkways, using items such as dead branches to make them attack others, etc.
    • Trading Cheats - Trading cheats is defined as using a different character or forum account to artificially inflate prices of any items being sold. Be smart about who you trade with, and don't try to cheat or you will be punished and marked by other players.
    • AFKhemist - AFKhemisting is using the homunculus to attack enemies while its owner (the player), is AFK.
    • Vigilantism - Vigilantism is harassment of players who are suspected to be bots/cheating/etc. In essence this is an understandable action but it can lead to you getting yourself in trouble if you are incorrect.
    • Hacking - Hacking is defined as using a virus, keylogger, or any other sort of exploits to take the accounts of other players, take items from other players, harass other players, etc.
    • Foul Play - Foul play refers to the stealing of items from other players to hinder their enjoyment of the game. This is also defined as severe griefing. Do not do it.

  • Forum Rules:
    • Stay on topic. Posts deemed too off topic will simply be removed without warning.
    • Insults over PvP / WoE are fine, but warnings will be handed out if it gets out of control. Keep personal issues to PM's or chat applications. Keep it out of the public forums. Or just PM a favorite staff member and see if they'll handle the issues
    • Porn of any kind is not allowed within posts. By posting any, you run the risk of being banned.
    • Necroposting is awful. Don't do it. Everyone hates it, and you'll be publicly ridiculed. A post qualifies as a necropost if the last post date was a week ago or more. Didn't get a chance to say what you wanted to? Lost your chance. Should have said it when people still cared.
    • Smaller exceptions for necroposting are "updates" on certain things. Such as necroposting a mouse freedom thread with a link to a newer mouse freedom. Or necroing a non-RO game topic with more information or questions about a game. Necroposting with an opinion is strictly forbidden. Conversation's over. No one cares what you think now. This especially goes for WoE threads not dealing with rule / balance discussion and any threads in the Marketplace section of the forums.
    • Posts insulting the server or aspects of the server without serious feedback will simply be removed. If you have criticism, go ahead. We welcome that, and we want to get feedback. But posts that don't have any specific feedback are a waste of everyone's time, and will simply be removed and further punishments will be handed out. If you don't have the balls to argue why you think the server is bad, shut up and leave. We don't need that kind of negativity in our community. Again, criticism is welcome. Just keep it to the right threads.
    • Advertising other RO servers is forbidden because no one cares how good Destina is, they don't have Josh as a dev, and therefore they are worthless.
    • Staff reserves the right to remove retarded troll posting. It is up to the ruling staff if a post is trolling or not. If someone is asking for help and says "please don't suggest _____", and a later post suggests exactly that, it's a fucking waste of everyone's time. However, if the staff finds it funny, we also reserve the right to leave the post, close the thread, and sticky it for the lulz.
    • Staff reserves rights to change rules and / or hand out punishments for special cases.
    • If you are deemed to be attempting to find loopholes in these rules (begging the syntax or otherwise attempting to use the language against the staff), you'd better get your best ban pants on
    • A more complete list of rules with colorful language may be found here.

  • Please note that anything you say in game can/may be used against you if we believe you have broken one of the above rules. We DO monitor logs and will use them to enforce the rules. We are doing this in order to preserve the stability of the server and to encourage a friendly yet competitive atmosphere.

  • Ultimately, the GM team can change any rule at any given time or choose to overlook any said rule or jail for any reason we feel is necessary in order to preserve server stability and long-term viability.

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